Safety and Bathroom Aids

Safe Bathroom Example

Safety and Bathroom Aids

You should always feel safe in your own home, especially if you live by yourself. Safety doesn’t stop at having the proper security systems in place. As a matter of fact, more than half the accidents that occur at home take place right in the bathroom. It’s important to safeguard your bathroom so that you’re less likely to experience a painful accident that could result in a serious injury. What are bathroom safety products exactly? It’s quite simple. A bathroom safety product is an item that will make your bathroom safer and easier for you to navigate. Some prime examples include bath or shower seating, grab bars, safety rails, and raised toilet seats.

Here at Medical Pharmacy and Putnam Home Medical, your safety is our priority. We carry a wide variety of bathroom safety products for our customers. Give us a call, browse our online inventory, or stop by today! We’re conveniently located in Willimantic and Putnam, CT near Windham and Woodstock.

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Shower Seat


If you struggle with keeping your balance in the shower or bathtub, it might be wise to invest in a shower chair or bench. You can comfortably sit down and bathe without worrying about losing your balance. We also carry transfer benches, which are highly effective in helping you get in and out of the shower or tub. In some cases, balance issues or injuries can also affect your ability to easily get on and off the toilet, which is why we carry raised toilet seat products. Many of these options are equipped with removable arms in case you’d like the extra grip for getting off the toilet seat.

Grab Bar

Grab Bars

Whether you need grab bars installed in your shower or by your toilet, we’ve got you covered with plenty of options. Grab bars are essential for those who need to hold onto something when they’re getting in and out of the shower or transitioning from sitting to standing on the toilet. You can choose from chrome, steel, or powder coated grab bars. For a quick and easy grab bar solution, choose a plastic suction grab bar that sticks right onto the wall of your shower.

Raised Toilet Seat

Other Accessories

Whatever it is you might need to make your bathroom safer, we guarantee we have a solution. We carry many other accessories like portable bath steps, handheld showerheads, tub and stair safety treads, sitz baths, and so much more. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance when looking for your bathroom safety product. We’re here to help! Stop by Medical Pharmacy and Putnam Home Medical in Willimantic or Putnam, CT near Windham and Woodstock today.

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