Cpap Bipap

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Life can be a challenge when you have to deal with respiratory conditions such as sleep apnea, emphysema, or pulmonary disease. It can sometimes feel like there is no real solution available to properly manage your condition. Fortunately, we’re here to offer you some solutions that could ultimately make a huge difference in your everyday life. Here at Medical Pharmacy and Putnam Home Medical, we’re dedicated to helping our customers find products that’ll make their lives easier. For more information on our respiratory products or to browse our inventory, visit one of our convenient locations today. We proudly offer a wide range of products, including various CPAP and Bi-PAP/BiLevel machines for sale. You can find us in Willimantic and Putnam, CT near Windham.

CPAPs in CPAPs & Bi-PAP/BiLevel

The most common choices for treating sleep apnea are CPAP and BiPAP machines. These machines are similar in some ways but they do function a bit differently and it’s important to understand the difference so you can choose the one that’s best for you. CPAP machines work with a single pressure setting that stays the same throughout the night. Many models come with a ramp feature that begins with a low-pressure setting and increases with time to the prescribed pressure setting. Once it’s at the prescribed level, it remains there for the night. Many customers prefer the ramp feature because it begins with gentle pressure rather than an immediate burst that can be overwhelming for some.

Bi-PAP/BiLevel machines also work with pressure settings, but they come with two different ones. You’ll have one setting for the prescribed pressure that’s used for inhalation. The other setting is lower, which is for exhalation. The dual settings make it easier for the user to get more air in and out of their lungs throughout the night as the machine runs. The Bi-PAP/BiLevel machine takes into consideration the fact that high-pressure strengths make it difficult to exhale against a single pressure setting of prescribed pressure.

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators work to deliver oxygen to those with chronic lung conditions. These machines come in stationary and portable models. Oxygen concentrators take in air from the surroundings, compress it, filter out the nitrogen then deliver the purified oxygen to the user. If you’re a frequent traveler or simply want a way to bring your device with you, check out the portable options. Whether you’re living with chronic bronchitis, pulmonary disease, emphysema, or any other respiratory condition, a portable oxygen concentrator can be a life-changing investment.

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